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WOW Magic Lens

WOW Magic Lence

For many years we have been developing this hologram technology. Now we presented this technique at the Euroshop 2011 fair. The WOW Magic Lens Display could be a huge benefit for your company. A whole new experience with unprecedented possibilities to fascinate your clients, business associates in a special way.

No more use of expensive technology, such as beamers or other difficult installations. Now, you can easily change your own item/product within a few seconds. It catches their attention immediately. The object instantly appears to be floating above the mirrored circle. The projection of your product is in full colour and in full 3-D. This image is created due it's special patented parabolic mirror. An image that can be viewed from 360°. Everybody will reach out to touch it, their fingers seem go straight through. You see the image but there's nothing but thin air! A Fata Morgana! Again and again, people cant believe that they can't touch what they are seeing right in front of them. You've created an optical illusion that defies, yet demands, explanation.

We have 3 different products, the WOW Mini, WOW #21 and the WOW #18. The WOW #21 is available in a poly- and glass mirror. The WOW Mini is able to display an image the size of a sugar cube. Our WOW #21 is able to display images the size of a watch. This model is available in Poly carbonated Plastic or in glass. The latest WOW model, the WOW #18, displays the image vertical (at eye-level) and has a maximum capacity the size of a small bottle of whine.

WOW! is a perfect communicator for brand-exposures, promotions and prominent advertising campaigns. It gathers everybody's attention. This sensational and unique in-store holographic technique is made to display your product in 3-D and full colour.

The 4 models:

WOW Mini 20: Material: Plexi Poly Mirror, 2 x lens, in-store display, approximately 23cm diameter. Bottom is closed, upper side is open. For sale per unit. Single packed or in volume, 10 units in bulk box.

WOW Maxi 21: Material: Plexi Poly Mirror, 2 x lens, in-store display, approximately 55cm diameter. Bottom and upper side are open. For sale per unit. (option glass version High bend optics – very fragile) Option: Place a turn table below the mirror. The mirror is for rental and for sale.

WOW Table 21: Useful for the Plexi Poly Mirror. Mirror is build in a special fabricated table. 65 x 65cm – height 80.5cm. Option: Place a turn table below the mirror. The table is for rental and for sale.

WOW Box 18: Material: Asbend mirror with reflex lens. Build-in display box. Horizontal rotating hologram at approximately 170cm eye level. The display is a piece of furniture. Accommodate with turntable 220V. (Soon available for sale, only in small productions or on special order)