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WOLFMÖBEL puts on digital signage

Digital Signage at Point of Sale

WOLFMÖBEL collects impressions in the world and combines diverse influences into a diverse and exciting collection. Highest principle is a high awareness of quality in the selection of each individual component.The path from a one-man operation to the world's largest importer of India furnitures succeeded on pioneering ideas such as direct container business or a new "shop-in-shop concept."

Part of this strategy are also interactive digital signage totems series PHEX STAND, which offers customers directly in the furniture store in an interactive way to find other pieces of furniture which are not in stock.

WOLFMÖBEL: "By the information points the customer can use their own smartphone to be connected in the shop in shops by WOLFMÖBEL VIA W.LAN with WOLF.NET. So the customers get an insight into the world of WOLFMÖBEL.."

Digital Signage in retail stores is an important component in the holistic selling process. It offers the opportunity to showcase and sell the products and services of your company. Visually appealing content arouse the interest of your customers for products and services and provide them with tailor-sensitive information.
eKiosk is a manufacturer of such digital signage solutions.