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December 2013

Outform, Inc. well known globally for their innovation with interactive retail POS displays, has launched a new display for retail window locations.

“Window Light Show™” is a digital light display that has been designed to give retailers the power to transform window displays into a magical experience for the public and a perfect backdrop and billboard for store and product displays. Store, products and messages remain center stage, as the light show does not obstruct the visibility of the store from the outside or inside.

Additionally, the ability to work 24/7 ensures that consumers are constantly reminded of campaigns, even after closing hours.

Described by many as a “work of art”, the simplicity and elegance of the form factor is more sculpture than commercial display. “Window Light Show™” custom animation provides the perfect canvas for any creative team and evokes an emotive response from consumers, similar to the delight and joy experienced from a grand fireworks or waterfall display.

“We are proud to have launched our latest display globally with one of the largest retail brands in the world” says Ben Chanoch, Outform Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “and this holiday season will see our new displays sitting front row in extremely high profile locations. The challenge was to create a display that would truly engage public attention, serve as an exciting backdrop to the retailers products and at the same time allow complete view of the internal store behind. Window Light Show™ provides that perfect solution.”

66% of all purchasing decisions are made on impulse. Window displays are often therefore the deciding point on whether a consumer chooses to enter a store. For that reason, transforming a retail window into a personal billboard should be paramount in marketing strategy. The challenge, however, is creating a display that will reflect a brand and marketing message and appeal to the target audience. In addition, most retailers are faced with additional limitations such as size or shape of their window space, while others may have concerns that the display will block the view of the store from outside or inside view.

Light up your window space with Window Light Show™. Contact us to learn more

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