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Vinyl makes music in the flagship shop

Vinyl meets music: the wood designs on the floor space make for pleasantly low-key flooring next to the music instruments.

Vinyl covers the entire sales floor at the JustMusic flagship store in Berlin. In its search for the perfect flooring for its flagship shop, JustMusic decided in favour of the design flooring from Debolon. Different wood designs from the modular flooring collection M 500 V Silence from Debolon, which has won several awards, were laid over six floors in the 7,000-square-metre shop on Moritzplatz.

“The JustMusic flagship store in Berlin is a shop with great exposure”, says Josef Führes, Debolon’s director of marketing and sales. “So we are very happy that our flooring has a chance to make a great impression there.”

“Everything for musicians” – is what JustMusic offers. The chain operates several branches in the four major German cities of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Dortmund. In the summer of last year the JustMusic flagship store on Moritzplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg opened as a full-line shop carrying music supplies. In showrooms which are spread over several floors it offers all different kinds of music instruments and a comprehensive range of equipment. Workshops and events are offered on the top event floor on a regular basis. “With so much going on, you need flooring that looks good and can also withstand heavy wear without difficulty”, says general manager Lilli Stock. “We are quite satisfied with our choice.”

A good 7,000 square metres of flooring was laid. The planners had decided on different formats and wood designs for the different departments. The flooring is pleasantly low-key among drums and basses while at the same time having an authentic look and feel.

In addition to its design variety, premium vinyl from Debolon has many functional advantages in Berlin’s JustMusic shop. Its dimensionally stable product structure and special wear layer thickness make vinyl flooring from Debolon very robust. Neither detergents nor light or moisture can easily harm the flooring. The integrated impact sound insulation improves the room acoustics, making the showrooms considerably quieter even on busy days. And even if the shoppers are not aware of it, the fact that Debolon is the first vinyl floor manufacturer in the world who does entirely without phthalates in production makes the management and the staff feel at ease.