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Vide Urbe by Moana Mayall Et Al.

Beginning 5 May, a traveling exhibit will infuse the streets of Rio de Janeiro with video art that explores the architectural fabric of the city.

The project will create poetic new topographies through the projection of videographic imagery on public buildings.

‘This is the first Vide Urbe show, but every future edition we will explore how to support and interface skins through the over-exposed city: its architecture, reliefs and textures, including large concrete surfaces, to generate multisensory reactions in daily lives,’ explains curator Moana Mayall.

The first edition has invited four artists whose works will expand the scale of the city. Instead of showing in a neutral gallery, Eder Santos, Chico Jofilsan, Simone Michelin and Joao Penoni will present their projects amongst the action-packed streets.

Mayall says the project connects art, architecture and urban planning, while reaching young, old, rich and poor.

‘Vide Urbe’ means ‘to see the city as you see her’ in Latin. The project will run from 5 to 12 May.

Foto: Windows Inhabited’ by Chico Jofilsan will show on the gable of a garage building in Lapa