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Vensafe is your sales machine and your savings account

Big product cards in category shelves

We regard the year 2011 as an exciting year for Vensafe and taking part in Euroshop is contributing towards this. After a decade of strong growth and development, we are now increasing the pressure. Every day, Vensafe works towards a common goal: making retailers more profitable and providing the best sales solution for Easy Shopping for small high-value products in stores.

With Vensafe in the store, retailers can, without any concern, sell as many shaving articles, dietary supplements, tobacco, cigarettes, snuff, vitamins, cosmetics, hygiene and all those other small products without worrying about either shrinkage or turnover. We want Vensafe to be the retailers’s best seller.

- Eliminate shrinkage and theft for its groups of commodities. It increases profitability.

- Makes work at the cash desk and filling up with goods more effective. It reduces costs.

- Gives a better idea of stock. It reduces tied-up capital.

- Makes it difficult to steal high-value products. It increases the feeling of security in the store.

- Gives the store customer the opportunity to purchase discreetly. It increases the turnover of goods such as condoms and tobacco.

- Warns when filling-up is required. It means that products are never sold out.

- Gathers the products in one place. It leads to lower storage costs.

- Provides better product exposure in several places. It increases turnover.

Increased customer service with VensafePlus

With VensafePlus, service to the customer in the store is increased with Vensafe products being sold from the cash desk. If a customer has forgotten to take their product voucher (card) to the cash desk, we now offer VensafePlus, a menu key on the cash register, which means that the customer does not have to go back and get it himself.

The shop assistant can easily sell the goods available in the dispenser straight from the cash desk. This increases customer service for the customer and further increases profitability for the store.

Multiticket – saves the customer time and increases sales

Vensafe now offers retailers the Multiticket solution, which is suitable for all stores that want to save the customer time and make it easy for the customer to purchase more products from a touch screen. This contributes to increased sales.

The end user is issued with a receipt for all his Vensafe items, showing the number of items of each product selected. The end user can choose up to 15 products within 15 product categories. The Multiticket solution can be easily updated on the touch screen application.

Our Profit Calculator does the calculation for the retailer

Retailers can now easily calculate what they can save by reducing their shrinkage. Vensafe is the only supplier to have developed a profit calculator that provides exact calculations. The retailer enters the store’s annual turnover, the selected product categories with their percentage of the turnover, the product group’s current shrinkage and expected increase in turnover.

The profit calculator calculates what the retailer will save with Vensafe. See how much you can save with Vensafe by testing this out on the website

The Easy Shopping concept gets the products back on the shelf without the stores risking shrinkage

In the past year, Vensafe has come up with the new Easy Shopping concept that gets the products back on the shelves without the stores risking shrinkage. The concept is based on making Vensafe products visible out in stores without the need for extra space.

The small high-value products out in the category shelf are replaced by large product cards that show a clear picture and description of the product. Vensafe sells the products through both Touch Screen and product cards for all types of high-value products. The Easy Shopping concept is already in use in stores today and demonstrates positive results.

Eivind Madsen, the Store Manager of Rema 1000 at Fanatorget in Bergen (Norway) tells us that “we have increased sales of pharmaceuticals by 78% since we had Vensafe installed. With the product cards hanging at the cash desk, the pharmaceuticals have become more visible”.

Choose Vensafe for design possibilities, reduced stock and future technology

Edeka shop owner Mr. Furhmann from Edeka Furhmann, Neuhäusel (Germany) is happy with the Vensafe: It’s a very good system, user-friendly and easy to fill, says manager Mr. Fuhrmann – We expected a reduction of 12-16 Euros per day for theft, but the reduction proves to be much higher. Once our customers got used to the system, they gave us very positive feedback. And parents like the product protection versus their children. We are 100 % happy and installed number two after a year. The Multiticket is very important. All in all, we are now fully in control of all our Vensafe products.

Solid, experienced owners

Vensafe was established in 1998 and was a pioneer of automated sales solutions. The company is owned by a group of solid, Norwegian investors with a great knowledge of the line of business and long-term goals.

The company is active in five European countries and has its head office in Moss in Norway. In addition, Vensafe is established with subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Belgium. Vensafe is constantly expanding in the markets we are in and has almost 5000 machines in operation.

Vensafe bids you welcome to our stand (F41/hall 6) at Euroshop where we will present all our newest concepts and product news. Welcome!