Upgrade Customised Integration Service

SENOR Creates Full-function Application for Shopping Mall

With over 20 years of POS experience, SENOR is committed to developing leading POS integrated service with easy to use, fully customizable touch point of sale systems and solutions to meet each customer's unique needs.

SENOR recently designed a fully-functional solution for the retail industry. SENOR’s new retail range features the “iSPOS” series with water & dust proof features, Self-service Kiosk - “MiKi” series, “DUAL POS” series (offers the opportunity of advertising, informing and entertaining), “Max Mount” series (offers the best flexibility i.e. cable management). The SENOR retail packages not only increase overall operating efficiency of shopping centers but also bring our client the right product to constantly increase their productivity and profitability.

SENOR’s products can be tailored to suit all industries, and will have more diversity on the retail sector which includes department stores, amusement parts, resorts and self serving/interactive kiosks. For those who seeking to expand business industry, SENOR can meet your needs definitely.