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CONVEX® - Combi-Tower CKT2000 by UBERT

CONVEX®-Combi-Tower CKT2000 from UBERT:
CONVEX®-Rotisserie SC and CONVEX®-Combi-Oven
UBERT has developed a combined self-cleaning rotisserie and steamer.

At the EUROSHOP 2014 UBERT will show their self-cleaning CONVEX®-Rotisserie SC combined with the CONVEX®-Combi-Oven. These two specialists combine to form the CONVEX®-Combi-Tower CKT2000.

4 important features:
- Combi-tower, combination with rotisserie above and combi-oven below.

- Two-in-one, two high-turnover units with the footprint of one, presenting a complete meal in full view of the customer.

- The CONVEX®-Rotisserie SC grills tasty crispy chicken; the CONVEX®-Combi-Oven cooks and presents the trimmings, such as potatoes, rice, vegetables or even other meat dishes.

- In comparison with other types of unit, rotisseries are the more effective sales option. They attract the attention of customers and have a positive effect directly at the POS. A rotisserie such as the new CONVEX®-Rotisserie SC with automatic self-cleaning-system. Complementing this is the matching CONVEX®-Combi-Oven, enabling your customer to produce a complete meal in minimal space eliminating uneconomically long distances between sales and preparation areas.

The CONVEX®-Combi-Tower CKT2000 is the ideal solution for the retail industry.