Tridonic extends its commitment to OLED technology

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LUREON REP is currently the world’s most efficient OLED module for professional lighting


Alongside its ongoing activities in the area of LED, the Zumtobel Group is investing in the technology of the future, OLED. To this end, the lighting group yesterday signed an agreement to acquire all the shares from its partners in the joint venture LEDON OLED Lighting GmbH & Co KG. The Zumtobel Group set up this company jointly with the Fraunhofer research organisation and a number of Fraunhofer employees in 2009.

LEDON OLED, which specialises in the development and manufacture of high-efficiency OLED lighting modules, is part of the Zumtobel Group’s lighting components business. Its products are therefore marketed under the brand name Tridonic. In order to reflect this association, the company will now be given the new name of Tridonic Dresden GmbH & Co KG. Company headquarters is in Dresden, one of Europe’s major centres for OLED technology. Managing directors Jörg Amelung and Patrik Danz will continue to head the company which currently employs 11 people.

The company’s key task is to take the development of OLED light sources through to the stage of OLED modules for use in professional applications. Core competencies include the electrical integration and electronic control of OLED light sources as well as the optimisation of light quality. Since the company was founded, a wide range of OLED module series have been developed and marketed worldwide. The beginning of this year saw the market launch of the world’s most efficient OLED module for professional lighting: the product series LUREON REP.

“OLED is one of the technologies of the future where general lighting solutions are concerned. It provides the perfect fit with our strategy for LED modules. This is in line with our aspiration to develop visionary solutions for our customers based on cutting-edge technologies,” explains Tridonic CEO Alfred Felder.

Source: Zumtobel Group