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TouchScreen Info Player

TouchScreen Info Players

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This Touchscreen Info Payers are operated by touching the screen.

The player will be available in various sizes (see above for the different models to go).

The consumer navigates through a menu presentation over to several items, products and information resource. The information can be supported by images, sound and video (eg instructional videos).

This info players, also called Touch-Product Selectors, are supplied with a simple software program that lets you touch can make presentations on the computer (sort of powerpoint presentation slides).

Some Features that are easy to set:

* Attractive Screensaver: When the player info for example after one minute no longer touched a screen saver can automatically be started. It could become a movie as a screen saver be set to the attention of passing consumers (with / without sound)
* Video clips (instructional videos), games, and will automatically return to the last visited page. Also, while playing the video be stopped by touching e screen. Even then he turns right back to the last page visited.
* Images: Images can be set to one for a few seconds to be displayed and will automatically revert to the last visited page. It goes right back to the page by touching the screen.
* Auto On-Off: Info Touch Screen Player can be set to automatically start and stop automatically (eg opening hours). That the life of the device to extend and conserve energy.