netvico GmbH

Touch-screen pillar 2.0: a "mobile" network powered by netvico

©  Angelika Grossmann

The new touch-screen pillar in the foyer of the Stuttgart-based Wolff & Müller Group is the first of a number of digital signage systems the construction company plans to install across Germany. The focus of these systems is the creation of an information network enabling simple and swift access to its current construction projects.

The pillar's 46" touch screen has a symbolic three-part structure portraying the company's past, present and future. Users can access information on current seminars and events, watch animated news clips on future construction projects, and also relive the company's 75-year history by browsing through a collection of photographs. A special feature of the touch-screen menu is a map of Germany that allows users to access information on current construction projects around the country. The content for this feature was created as part of an earlier project for the Wolff & Müller Group, in which netvico set up an easy-to-use online portal enabling construction managers to generate and constantly update websites for their construction sites. Previously only accessible via QR codes on construction site banners, these websites are now also available on the touch-screen pillar. Mobility is also a key feature of the pillar as it is mounted on a stand and equipped with a WLAN connection, allowing it to be transported and installed easily for use at trade fairs and other promotional events. This is a pioneering project in the field of corporate communication, highlighting yet again the effective capabilities of netvico GmbH's digital signage solutions.