Torex Retail Solutions GmbH

Torex launches cross-channel solution to meet customer demands

Torex Channel Hub goes beyond ‘click and collect’ to meet shoppers’ high expectations in any channel, improve business efficiency and drive sales

Torex Retail Holdings Limited (Torex™), the leading global provider of innovative, integrated technology solutions to the extended retail marketplace, today launches Torex™ Channel Hub - a cross-channel solution with sophisticated user workflow modelled customer order management and intelligent stock fulfilment technology. Designed for retailers, the solution provides cross-channel stock and order visibility to deliver a single mechanism servicing all customer touch points for a more efficient and pleasant shopping experience.

An independent solution that sits at the enterprise level, the Torex Channel Hub solution intelligently sources stock information from anywhere within the retailers' available inventories for any channel, ensuring that customer order requirements can be answered. It provides a true cross-channel solution for retailers to control the lifecycle of a customer's order - from the point of order through to collection or delivery irrespective of the order channel - with a communication suite to advise on progress.

Integrating with existing business systems, Torex Channel Hub removes the need for inventory silos with its flexible processes to intelligently source stock from around the business, creating trading flexibility and agility. It also provides a unified view of all customer orders across all channels with order, dispatch, collection and delivery tracking. In addition, the 360 degree cross-channel view of the customer provides valuable insight to increase sales with targeted promotions and helps achieve brand consistency, offer behaviour-led targeting for greater conversion and increased average basket size.

The Torex Channel Hub extends the Torex in-store expertise to ensure all channels work seamlessly for the customer. This includes making product ranges consistently available across all channels and allowing staff to place orders in-store on behalf of customers collecting elsewhere. With the solution, retailers have a better understanding of customer behaviour and preferences and can engage on a more 'personal' level with consumers to strengthen loyalty.

With a unique business process workflow modeller, the Torex Channel Hub provides the flexibility for retailers to grow existing channels and expand into new ones quickly.

Commenting on the launch, Roy Patrick, Multi-Channel Product Manager, Torex, said: "Torex Channel Hub is the start of a shopping revolution. It goes beyond 'click and collect' to offer a truly integrated experience, meaning consumers can enjoy the same shopping familiarity of a brand however they choose to purchase. Retailers can benefit from a single set of processes across existing multiple channels and generate return on investment from improved stock utilisation, increased sales, customer satisfaction and stronger loyalty. The solution can scale to help retailers grow and expand into new channels. Working closely with retailers, we have developed an innovative and future-proof solution that gives customers what they have come to expect."

This strategy supports industry analyst views, according to a recent report from Gartner: "From the very top of the organisation, down to everyday channel operations, there should be a view that multichannel retailing is the new business as usual."