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The new magic weapon of retailers: SMART MIRROR

The latest innovation of SLE is ready to transform the way we are shopping clothes. Let a happy customer become your loyal customer!

Every retailer’s dream comes true as we turn the frustrating dressing-room experience into a fun activity. Ladies love the mirror lighting that minimises the occurrence of harsh and unrealistic shadows, renders colours and skin tone naturally, flatters facial features and softens all body shapes. Guarantee your customers to look their best when trying on products with this softly diffusing light.

What is the secret? High colour rendition linear light sources are mounted down the length of both sides of the mirror. Also, SMART MIRROR utilises the latest Pi-LED technology covering the complete white light spectrum that allows for creating various ambiences in the dressing room. 

Whether the product will be used in the office during the day, outdoors for sports, or at an evening party or dinner, the light shed on it will be different. Customers can choose from different pre-defined lighting set-ups for each product that they are taking with them to the dressing-room to try on. 
These both fun and functional features will definitely engage every customer. In addition, fitting rooms are ideal spaces for energy saving, therefore a motion detector will turn the mirror lighting on only when it is needed. It's time to download the SMART MIRROR brochure to read more about the functionalities:

Make your customers look good when they look in the mirror and increase your revenue. Contact us for more information regarding the user manual, prices and delivery times!