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The new Interpon IT Trend range launched

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The world’s largest powder coatings manufacturer unveiled the dynamic, new Interpon IT Trend Range. Featuring new colors and finishes, as well as improved coating performance, the new range offers a great answer to the developing needs of the IT and consumer electronics market.

The Interpon IT Trend range follows the hugely successful 2010-2011 Trend range and forecasts color trends that industry experts have identified as ‘in vogue’ for the coming year.

The new Trend range comprises four families: the Galaxy range, Solid Soft Touch, the Anodic range and Anodic Soft Touch. “It’s really exciting for us to be able to offer these finishes, especially the Anodic range and the Anodic Soft Touch, which are new to the market,” commented Tim Heseltine, Global IT Marketing Manager at AkzoNobel Powder Coatings. “Every indication so far is that our customers are just as excited as we are about this remarkable new range.”

All products in this range, including the Anodic Soft Touch finish – an exciting combination of anodic effect and soft touch texture – are achieved in a single coat. As a result, they offer significant cost benefits over alternative coating solutions, such as reducing time, materials and energy requirements. This is in addition to the environmental benefits inherent in powder coatings – no VOCs or toxic heavy metals and the ability to reclaim and recycle overspray.

The new range has been well received by selected industrial design groups who were offered a sneak preview of the exciting new colors and finishes. All products in the range are available globally and are compliant with the upgraded Interpon IT MasterSpec to fulfil the requirements and expectations for even the most demanding projects.