Sortimo International GmbH

The new CarMo – The smallest in-vehicle equipment for estate cars.

Sortimo presents a new innovative CarMobility (CarMo) solution for estate cars. The newly developed Sortimo CarMo is functional, quickly exchangeable and a (crash) safe mobile solution for estate cars, vans and SUVs, on which our L-BOXXes can be safely locked in place..

Following the successful market introduction of the new L-BOXX Sortimo now offers the high tensile strength Sobotec lightweight plate with rail system to securely fasten the L-BOXXes. Cut to size to fit the vehicle model, the new developed base plate is securely fastened to the standard lashing points in the boot of the vehicle. Installation and subsequent removal of the plate is possible in no time without the use of any tools. Utilising the rail system with adapters, the L-BOXXes can be easily locked into position. In case of an emergency, the optional auto reel strap will secure one row of BOXXes each. Sobotec is ideal for all estate cars. The material is stain resistant, easy to clean and protects the carpet inside the boot. Thanks to the use of high quality plastic materials and aluminium, the total weight of the new CarMo system amounts to only 6.0 kg.

CarMo in the crash test – We don’t leave safety up to chance!
A crash test conducted by the ADAC in August 2009 in Landsberg near the river Lech, Germany, proved that the new CarMo will withstand an emergency situation. A vehicle equipped with CarMo and L-BOXXes hit a deformable ECE barrier at an impact speed of 50km/h. The L-BOXXes and their contents stayed in place inside the vehicle. At no time did they present any danger to the passengers.

The new CarMo is Sortimo’s mobile, quickly exchangable solution for estate cars that can be used by all branches of industry. The smallest in-vehicle equipment by Sortimo has a starting price of 247 Euro. It includes a Sobotec plate, four small lashing straps for connection to the vehicle and a rail system with adaptors to lock the L-BOXXes in place.

The new CarMo is Sortimo’s first in a series of new products. Sortimo engineers from the Zusmarshausen ideas factory are working on many more innovative product additions – the extension of the CarMo System is cleared for takeoff!