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The Sortimo L-BOXX – mobility now has a new dimension!

The L-BOXX will complement the successful Sortimo BOXX range. It not only looks smart but it has a convincing repertoire of functions. The L-BOXX makes mobile organisation portable, stackable and clickable, and fits seamlessly into the market-leading Globelyst System from Sortimo. Mobile organisation and logistics in masterly perfection!

After the successful market launch of the S-, M- and T-BOXXes, the L-BOXX constitutes yet another mobile logistics solution from Sortimo which brings order into the daily routine. It has a smart outer shell, the sturdy polymer materials make it light in weight and its dimensions ensures that it fits seamlessly into the Sortimo Globelyst System. Its well-devised "innards" with a wide range of available inserts offers adequate space and protection for tools and small components and makes sure that they are clearly arranged and ready to hand when needed on an assignment. The two robust snap locks make the cover easy to open and lock, and the tote handle ensures a high degree of carrying comfort. Thanks to its click system, several L-BOXXes can be clicked together, stacked and separated again with a mere flick of the wrist.

Mobile organisation clicked together for transport
The click system is intuitive in operation and permits automatic connection of the individual L-BOXXes. They click together as if by magic as soon as they are stacked together. And even several L-BOXXes linked together can be carried without problem by the topmost L-BOXX. The click mechanism is laid out for high loads and when several boxes are clicked together, the snap locks are able to absorb the forces they are subjected to during transport. The unique feature is that the L-BOXXes can be secured under each other with one click and detached again with a mere flick of the wrist. To detach the L-BOXXes from each other again, simply press the button on either side of the boxes – the L-BOXX interlock releases automatically.

L-BOXX: mobile logistics and intelligent mobility
Mobility and tools are inseparably associated with the trade. And it is above all the trade professionals and service personnel who spend a great part of their working day on the customers' premises. With four different sizes in the L-BOXX family, there is always one that is just right for the job on hand and because they are compatible, they can be mixed and matched and clicked together at will! Their spacious and smooth interior is predestined to accommodate inset box sets, vacuum-formed inserts, tool inserts made of wood, pre-cut foam inserts and suspension file racks. Any kind of work material can be stowed away safely and neatly for transport and then presented elegantly in accordance with Sortimo's corporate maxim.

The L-BOXX is available with matching accessories and preconfigured sets and couldn't be easier to use. For example, simply remove them from your vehicle and stow them on the aluminium caddy with a restraint strap or click them onto the dedicated roller frame for safe transport to wherever you're going.

L-BOXX: mobile solution – load restraint brought about by integration
The L-BOXX would not be a Sortimo product if it didn't fit seamlessly into Sortimo's market-leading Globelyst System. Take advantage of this synergetic effect for even more productive work! Dependent on its size, the L-BOXX fits on all case trays, aluminium box shelves, open shelves, telescopic rails and the M-BOXX rails. To remove, simply flip out the hinged handle, raise the L-BOXX slightly and then pull it out of the in-vehicle equipment system by the tote handle. When released, the hinged handle flips back flush with the L-BOXX. With the optional adapters and the adapter panel, which make it child's play to locate even a whole tower of L-BOXXes, the L-BOXX transforms into the smallest mobile in-vehicle equipment unit from Sortimo. An added bonus: the L-BOXX offers many possibilities of individual branding. Whether a sticker or a simple printed or embossed logo – the handle can be decorated as desired. Our labelling sets and free labelling software are a perfect complement to the complete system.

The L-BOXX will be available in all variants at prices starting from around 40 from all Sortimo branches and stations.