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The Osram Brilliant Mix concept – all under control


The Brilliant Mix LED color mixing concept from Osram Opto Semiconductors is now even easier to control thanks to the new Brilliant Mix Universal controller from Elec-Con technology.

The controller is available in a standard version – with or without a sensor – and in a customized version. It can be adapted to current building systems standards, such as DALI, KNX and EIB. The controller concept has been developed as part of the LED Light for you network.

Warm white light with high efficiency and a high color rendering index are right at the top of the wish list for anyone looking for a feel-good factor in general illumination. The Brilliant Mix concept from Osram Opto Semiconductors shows how this can be achieved with semiconductor light sources. It provides efficiency of 110 lumen per watt (lm/W) and an excellent color rendering index of more than 90. The basis for this concept are high-power Oslon LEDs in white and amber and also in bluish white and blue.

The clever combination of LEDs of different colors results in white light in a spectrum from 2700 Kelvin (warm white ) to 6500 Kelvin (cold white). The required luminous flux can be achieved by using an appropriate number of LEDs. Up to now, application know-how and control know-how have been needed for controlling LEDs. Customers had to develop or modify solutions or controllers themselves in order to control individual channels and maintain the desired color location even as the temperature rises in the module or in the luminaire.

A highly usable standard product is now available in the form of the Universal Controller. The controller has a modular structure, in other words the controller unit, driver and sensor are separate components. This gives luminaire designers greater flexibility because the components do not have to be arranged next to one another or on top of one another but can be placed anywhere. The standard driver has four channels so that individual LEDs – for example in different colors – can be controlled individually.

Multiple drivers can be connected to a controller to improve performance. The modularity of the controllers means that different versions can be produced - a standard version without a sensor, one with a sensor, and various customized versions of different shapes and sizes. The sensor enables the required brightness and color location to be controlled in accordance with a preset customer-specific value. This ensures, for example, that all the luminaires in a room have the same light color. It is also possible to adjust the LEDs throughout their lifetime so that different rates of aging among LEDs of different colors do not have an adverse effect on the overall effect of the light. Dieter Bauernfeind, Managing Director of Elec-Con technology is extremely pleased: “The modularity of the system make it easy for us to meet specific customer requirements and supply relatively small production runs.”

What all the versions of the controller have in common is that they make it easier to use the Brilliant Mix concept and speed up the implementation of lighting solutions. Thanks to the Universal Controller in combination with the drivers, the light engine and the sensor module it is no longer necessary to have special control know-how. Brilliant Mix applications can therefore be put into practice quickly, easily and therefore economically with efficient use of resources.

“True to the purpose of our network, namely to offer our customers simple solutions, we have developed the Universal Controller in cooperation with our partners,” added Sebastian Lyschick, responsible for LED Light for you (LLFY) at Osram Opto Semiconductors. Also involved in the development, in addition to the LED manufacturer, were Infineon Technologies, Elec-Con technology and MAZeT.