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The Globally Successful Ingenico iCT200 Range of Terminals easycash Begins the Launch of the Range in Germany

Ingenico CT250: Investment security thanks to future technol
Dusseldorf, Germany, EuroShop 2011, February 2011. easycash GmbH, an Ingenico company (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), is the first network operator to also launch the globally successful iCT200 range of terminals in Germany. Following successful tests in early October, the payment specialist from Ratingen, Germany, has already been operating an inventory of 1,000 devices in its network since December 2010. From the end of March 2011 onwards, these devices will now also be available in Germany without restrictions.
Following the product launch in mid-2009, the number of the innovative devices in use worldwide has already reached the one million mark. The next chapter of this success story will now also take place in Germany.
Ingenico's iCT Range: Innovation that Shows the Way
The Telium software platform and high-performance ARM9 processors form the core of the new iCT technology which compensates for losses of speed caused by TA 7.0 and EMV. After a successful pilot phase, 1,000 selected customers who were still using a slow analogue connection were provided with the new devices and were quickly convinced by the high performance of the modern hardware architecture. Alongside the analogous and TCP/IP module, the iCT range can also be easily extended with an ISDN module.
As well as the iCT220, easycash is also launching the iCT250 termination, which has a high-resolution display and is equipped with a contactless reader. This feature enables it to accept the contactless payment alternatives of the future. All that is needed to make use of this technology, which leads to a significant increase in the rate of transactions, is a software update.
“The iCT range represents an ideal extension of the easycash GmbH terminal portfolio,“ explains Marc Birkner, Managing Director of easycash GmbH. “Thanks to the future-oriented technology of the iCT terminals, our customers can rely on a maximum level of investment security.”