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TOMRA at EuroShop 2011: Driving innovation

At EuroShop TOMRA is displaying a comprehensive range of solutions—including a number of products and services being presented for the first time.

According to Mr. Marius Løken, Head of Product Management at TOMRA Systems ASA, “we’re excited to present our innovations at Euroshop this year. We are presenting new products and applications that will significantly improve the user experience for both consumers and store personnel. Our market tests indicate that we’re meeting expectations and taking major steps forward in usability and experienced value.”

TOMRA is presenting these highlights:

T-820 Touch setting new standards in usability
TOMRA is proud to present the next generation of our premium reverse vending machine; the T-820 Touch. With the large touch screen comes a new operational interface with attractive offerings for all parties; the owner, the operator and the consumer. When choosing the T-820 Touch edition, the owner gets a dynamic vehicle for brand building and promotional activities. Whether you choose to promote your own brand/products or others, the T-820 Touch makes it easy and effective.

TOMRAPlus- a direct link
To help owners get the most out of their reverse vending system, TOMRA now presents TOMRAPlus. TOMRAPlus offers a direct link to selected reverse vending installations. Its smart monitoring of key functions ensures efficient operations and maximum uptime. TOMRA offers a portfolio of TOMRAPlus products:
TOMRAPlus Base
TOMRAPlus Watch

UNO Promo turning the RVM into a vehicle for promotions and branding
With several features enabling advertising and promotions capabilities, the UNO Promo is a valued “assistant” making recycling easy and attractive almost anywhere. Not only the convenience segment but also more untraditional sites like hotels, airports and sports arenas will easily find space for this compact reverse vending machine. The UNO Promo is designed as a self-contained automated return solution that accepts both refillable and non-refillable containers. It can be placed both indoor and outdoor.

MultiPac Concept backroom solution
The ambition of TOMRA’s new backroom concept is simple: Maximize operational uptime! With intelligent rerouting principles, the MultiPac eliminates operational interruptions as a result of bin emptying. By simplifying the user interface, we’re also minimizing time spent on daily routines.

“Flake”; boosting operational uptime and logistical efficiency
By “flaking”, the storage capacity and operational uptime is dramatically increased. With new players in the recycling industry, TOMRA is expecting “flake” to be the future industrial standard in reverse vending.

ORWAK compaction solutions - profit from more efficient waste management

Orwak, part of the TOMRA Group, is a world leader in compaction and baling solutions, offering compaction solutions for solid recyclable waste at source. On EuroShop we have at display frontloaded balers for small and large volumes of packaging material. Orwak’s classic in-bag-compactor for mixed waste, the fully automated briquette press Brickman 300 and Orwak 1030 – the new unique automatic waste bin for installations in public environments.

Please read separate press releases for T-820 Touch edition, UNO Promo and TOMRAPlus for more details.

With almost 40 years of experience and more than 65,000 installed systems worldwide, TOMRA is a leading global provider of advanced solutions enabling recovery and recycling of materials. Visit for more information about the company.

Contact: Hege Marie Fossgard, Marketing Manager, Tomra Systems ASA
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