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TERMINAL AT EUROSHOP 2011 WITH ITS TWO INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS Dusseldorf, 26 February-2 March 2011, 10th Hall, Stand No: B60

EUROSHOP Fair held every three years is known as an event in which the latest developments and expansions in the industry are offered.

Terminal’s Slimpan system and Planner system; superior design award winner in Turkey 2008, will be exhibited with their new solutions at EUROSHOP 2011 and the use of these products that may take place in different space designs will be displayed.

With its light and strong construction SLIMPAN system can be adapted according to alternating spaces in all kinds of exhibition and fairy events and can quickly and easily be transported and installed. Slimpan is a new communication tool that easily changes identity and allows for different graphics applications thanks to its magnetic surface panels.
Being adapted as modular according to changing needs in due course, it can be used for commercial organizations and cultural events aimed at presentation and product display.
Creating flexible surfaces with the help of specially designed connectors you can form space dividers, display units, identity surfaces, welcome desk and information points at a desired angle, size and height.

PLANNER system, which meets the needs of the ground at spaces (such as fairgrounds, exhibition halls, offices, museums, etc.) requiring dynamic and flexible solutions, which can easily be dismantled and mounted several times, moreover, which offers appropriate reference points on which various structural solutions can be attached and which enables designers to freely enter into searches, is brought into use of designers and architects as an elevated ground system that hides and regulates infrastructure elements (such as power, communications, cable lines, etc.).
This product is provided for the use of designers, who are seeking for an innovative architectural language, companies in need of modular solutions at presentation and exhibition areas, museums which aim to renew themselves with a contemporary understanding, exhibition halls which continually rearrange themselves according to seasonal exhibitions and merchandising sector which constantly enfolds new views in the light of different fashions and concepts.

About Terminal:
TERMINAL is a design and spatial solution center which gathers a large family of products
speaking the same language. TERMINAL aims to become a solution partner of the designers, architects and employers by offering a combination of several brand and design services that make a difference. It is possible to see all together a wide variety of leading brands and innovations with differences at Terminal showroom.

Contact person: Melike Gümüş Başkır Telephone: 0 216 557 83 84