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Surveys reveal People Counting as the most popular network video application

Axis Communications, the world leader in the network video market, has released the findings from recent European and US surveys conducted in the retail industry about the perception and use of video surveillance.

A series of surveys conducted in the US and in Europe has confirmed that there is widespread awareness of the various applications available for network video surveillance. The most known are people counting and queue counting with an average of 67% of respondents across the US and Europe who have heard of these.

Retailers are not only aware of applications but there is a high willingness among them to use these technologies in the future. The majority of respondents are interested in applications for people counting and hot/cold mapping.

“The studies show that whilst retailers are aware of the security benefits of network video surveillance, a greater under-standing of the operational benefits is still needed. By taking advantage of a large variety of intelligent applications compatible with network cameras, retailers can benefit from more than just security; including insights into customers’ behavior that help design better shopping experiences.” said Johan Åkesson, Business Development Director Retail, Axis Communications.

In all studies it was overwhelmingly shown that the main reason to implement video surveillance is the prevention of theft and shoplifting, with an average of 86% of all respondents.

Other interesting findings included:

• ‘Increased staff security’ was reported to be the main positive effect of video surveillance (66-94%). Other positive effects were better evidence in the event of a crime (51-77%) and less theft (54-75%).
• Analog users reported experiencing poor image quality whereas those using an IP based system did not suffer from this problem to the same extent.

Axis will be attending EuroShop The Global Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany from February 26th to March 2nd at booth E35, Hall 06, where they will be available to discuss the results of the surveys.

The results are from four different surveys sponsored by Axis Communications and conducted between August 2009 to October 2010 and targeted security managers, loss prevention executives and CEOs at retail companies. The surveys were conducted by the Swedish Trade Federation Svensk Handel (Sweden), IDC Retail Insights (Italy), the Centre for Retail Research (UK) and the Loss Prevention Research Council (US).