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Superdata: cashPlus – cash register with added value

cashPlus_© Superdata EDV-Vertrieb GmbH

cashPlus is a hard- and software combination, consisting of user friendly cash register with touch screen, customer display, cash drawer, receipt printer and hand scanner plus POS- and merchandise management software.

The unique position feature is the extension of a cash register by merchandise management functions. The computing power of the modern POS hardware has no limits to this extend. It is standard to have a user friendly touch screen with optimised functions for easy and fast handling. Since Superdata has a long time experience in the retail business in the various branches, a large number of different solutions is already built-in into the system.

Typical problems of e.g. tobacco sales (sale by piece or case) or handling of empties in beverage sales are available. Requirements by law concerning the sale of alcoholics like age check are part of the system. Also special handling of press products are solved.
If in the convenience business a new product is added, definition of recipes is automatically offered. This allows it to verify gross profits for products that are made in the store.

The total solution, hard- and software, comes pre-configured. If power and communications are available, the system is ready to use. Settings like „receipt on demand" or the salutation line on the receipt can be changed locally.

Additional building blocks like stock taking, import of suppler information, orders and goods receiving up to invoice checking and providing of data for the bookkeeping department can be added.