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Success Story Huber Holding – underwear is our passion

Rich in tradition, Austrian company HUBER HOLDING can look back on 100 years of history during which it has made a formidable name for itself by manufacturing, marketing and selling underwear and other clothing items. The extensive product ranges of its subsidiaries “SKINY”, “HANRO”, “HUBER” and “HOM” are situated in the mid to high price segment and comprise daywear, sleepwear, swimwear and lingerie.

Koppermann and HUBER HOLDING could already look back on a long-standing and successful partnership in creative clothing designs using TEX-DESIGN™ in 2008. The final decision in favour of the product life-cycle management (PLM) system TEX-DEFINE™ from the house of Koppermann was therefore an easy one.

“The basis for the decision was essentially the efficient linking of graphic and descriptive data that could subsequently be used in the ERP system. Other factors included flexible design options with regard to content and user interfaces that enabled us to implement all of our specifications without much effort and to modify and amend them retrospectively”, says Markus Burgstaller, Head of IT and Customer Services at HUBER HOLDING.

HUBER had clearly defined objectives with regard to introducing the software. Future collections should be planned using the new PLM system; comparisons between seasons should be possible; calculations and the evaluation of data from the pool of sales goods should also be possible. The central points were planning the collections and ranges. To this end, a collection framework plan that was precisely adapted to the clothing manufacturer’s requirements was developed in TEX-DEFINE in close collaboration with HUBER HOLDING. It is now used to break down the fashion series and create models. Today, HUBER’s PLM system from Koppermann is used not only to log and manage all product data and to carry out collection planning, but also to maintain supplier data directly in the live system.

The system is continuously improved and adapted to processes in-house by HUBER’s dedicated administrators. Permanent up-to-date availability and strategic data analysis are no longer a challenge with the PLM system from Koppermann.


HUBER HOLDING AG owns ARULA – a full-stage production company that produces for the corporate brands “SKINY”, “HANRO”, “HUBER” and “HOM” and also for third parties. All four clothing brands have their own independent sales and marketing organisations that have their headquarters in Mäder (Vorarlberg, Austria) and Marseilles (France). The four brands differ with regard to their specific product portfolios, target groups and international alignment.

Clothing products from HUBER, HANRO, SKINY and HOM are sold in 50 countries around the world. HUBER TRICOT acts as a service partner to the subsidiaries and provides services such as EDP, sales logistics, finance and accounting, purchasing and human resources. The HUBER Group also has 72 proprietary HUBER SHOP outlets in Austria. HUBER HOLDING is headquartered in Götzis and has a production facility in Mäder. The company employs a workforce of around 1320 and achieves an annual turnover of 130 million euro.

About Koppermann

Koppermann is a leading provider of software solutions and consulting services to the fashion and textile industry. The company is well-positioned and today holds a market penetration rate of 2/3 of the Top 15 in the German clothing industry. Koppermann has more than 1,200 customers world-wide and its market potential is far from exhausted. After all, more than 50 employees work daily at improving industry processes through innovative solutions.

We use our technology to help companies to bring their product development and marketing processes on to a path of innovation and to improve them significantly. Manufacturers and retailers opting for Koppermann gain a strategic partner who views the value-adding process from collection planning to development to sales-promoting in-store designs as a central process. This is achieved in part through freely customisable databases and the timely visualisation of models and sales areas. Specially trained teams of IT and fashion experts ensure a reliable introduction and continuous operation of the systems.