Strategic cooperation with Axis, Milestone Systems and Protect

- A guard can now monitor a burglar - disabled by the fog - via a surveillance screen

- An increasing number of companies and retailers are using fog security proactively

- activating the fog cannon manually in connection with a break-in or assault.

In these situations there is a particular need for the guard to be able to 'see' through the fog. Thermal cameras make this possible. Axis Communications (video security), Milestone Systems (software) and PROTECT therefore tested the idea and worked out the ideal solution.

Helping the police
The new combination may be used, for example, in a control centre. The moment the guard becomes aware of a break-in, he activates the fog cannon in the affected area of the company, school or shopping centre. The intruder(s) will become disoriented, while the guard can still see where they are in the building, how many there are, and whether or not they are armed.

Activating fog
The guard activates the fog security remote - just after the burglary happened.

Axis supplies a series of thermal cameras developed for indoor or outdoor use. All types can be used together with all types of PROTECT Fog Cannons. The Axis and PROTECT systems are linked and can be controlled using software from Milestone Systems.

Watch the demo-video of the burglar getting forced away by the fog - while the guard can still "see" and follow him: