Storeage creates design an VM concepts for Bever

Display wall at Bever store Rotterdam

Having worked extensively in sports retail and with performance brands, Storeage knew that the spirit of the outdoors resonates not only with high performance adventurers but also with those looking for fashion appeal. Its design concept for Bever Outdoor & Travel’s premium store in Rotterdam caters to both audiences, and the overall effect is a retail environment with the look and feel of an urban landscape. The store is split into two VM areas; one featuring a technical presentation of the performance brands, and the other a lifestyle oriented presentation of outdoor inspired brands.

The store features floor fixtures that resemble pitched tent poles, ceiling lights that create an abstracted version of the sky, and a huge display wall that dominates the store like a mountain face. With two pilot stores open, the results are very promising. Without alienating its existing fan base, Bever has seen a younger and more fashionable audience visiting the stores with different shopping behavior, picking up less items per visit yet returning every month.