Storeage creates KPN XL store in Eindhoven

Oval shaped lounge area at KPN XL store

KPN XL Eindhoven Storeage’s task in creating KPN XL, a full service business center for Dutch telecommunications giant KPN, was to revitalize the company’s existing business center model, with the store in Eindhoven being the first of many redesigns. The focus of KPN XL is to provide a one-stop full array of services to existing business clients, while attracting new ones from the consumer market.

The design focused on creating a premium experience of service and commerce combined. At KPN XL, customers are greeted by a host, much like they would be in a hotel. They are then led to an oval shaped lounge area in the center of the store; its shape signifying the “world of KPN.” From here, visitors can access customer service areas, meeting rooms, product displays and a service and repair counter, each with a slightly different look and feel. The redesign resulted in an uptake in the overall NPS but more specifically saw a dramatic increase in the NPS around service, from -8 to +21!