Stinova unleash new horizons to SMIL Digital Signage Players

Stinova, a leading provider of Digital Signage Software solutions and content production services, unleashes a new set of products and services in support of IAdea’s open architecture SMIL based digital media players. Driven by an intuitive browser interface, users have a simple way to centrally manage and easily deploy content to IAdea's SMIL players. All currently available IAdea SMIL players are supported - from the all-integrated Digital Signboard (available in 10”, 15”, 18.5” and 24” models) to the XMP-340 Full-HD appliance that can be connected via HDMI to any sized public display.

Two server systems are currently available to address both the SMB and Enterprise Digital signage sectors. Targeting small to medium sized installations, Stinova’s new “DMS-5 SMIL Digital Signage Starter Bundle” is delivered as a convenient 1-click Windows installer with a Lifetime License and no recurring charges.

At the other end of the scale, the new “DMS-5 SMIL Enterprise Edition Server” targets larger sized installations and is delivered as a virtualized server image that snaps into any VMware server architecture for data-center and cloud computing environments. Large-scale advertising networks will also benefit from the optional “Meta-Data Campaign Scheduling” system that provides simple dynamic playlist creation and proof-of-play reports.

Leading a bouquet of content-centric service products is Stinova's new “CaptureIT” which brings the majority of the company's media-rich PC-based formats to SMIL media players in the form of HD-ready videos. This including captured formats such as Flash, PowerPoint and HTML content.
Stinova is also introducing “”, a unique automated video rendering service that creates high quality video content for news, weather, trivia or product channels in any resolution up to full-HD from simple RSS or text data. Player-ready SMIL promotion channels are available for SD and HD at or

“We see a tremendous market growth for IAdea’s cost-effective digital signage appliances, which are available under the IAdea label and also offered through a number of major hardware OEM brand companies”, explains Franz Hintermayr, CEO of Stinova. “Our unprecedented software feature set for SMIL players creates possibilities for a lot more vertical market segments.”

John C. Wang, CEO of IAdea adds: “We are excited to see Stinova’s latest innovation greatly enriches the W3C SMIL ecosystem as the de-facto open digital signage standard. Our cost efficient hardware platform and Stinova’s versatile content and management capabilities meets project-specific budgets and changing customer demands.”