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Software solutions as a competitive advantage


The fashion industry is without doubt one of the most dynamic and challenging industries. Success means setting new trends or reacting to them in real time; companies have to cope with a speed that can be found only in this industry; the collections must be in the stores on time while meeting the quality and visual standards the customer expects. At the same time, costs must be kept under control, margins guaranteed, partnerships along the value chain nourished. All these challenges require operational excellence. Koppermann’s mission is the understanding of the present and future challenges of companies operating in the fashion industry and the providing of a toolkit of specialized, integrated solutions in order to overcome these challenges and to gain a competitive edge.

Koppermann Computersystems has been operating in the field of IT solutions for fashion companies for more than 20 years. Their innovative spirit, the constant interaction with a strong customer base and the continuous monitoring of the new needs of this ever-changing industry have allowed Koppermann to develop integrated solutions strengthening and adding value to the entire value chain; it starts with the POS oriented collection development before moving on to a smart and highly professional design process allowing designers not only to speed up the process and focus on their creativity but also to start collecting and managing all product relevant data; it continues with a cutting-edge PDM/PLM system which is a platform for a real time, global and streamlined collection development process which enables a perfect management of suppliers while ensuring quality, cost-control and progress monitoring; finally, it ends with the clever sales area management for both wholesale modules and retail which allows a perfect module and area planning, but also provides the means to capture customers, increase in-store traffic and conversion rates thanks to the creation and communication of visual merchandising guidelines. And since at the end of the day it is the results that matter, Koppermann also offers reporting tools to run all sorts of analyses and to create reports to support managerial decisions.

Having the right software solutions means streamlining and strengthening processes and consequently focusing on having the right product at the right time in the right place – and doing this better than everyone else.

“A Passion for Innovation” is our credo, this is why the industry’s best-performing companies choose Koppermann.

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