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Sinocan Releases New 15" Flat Touch POS F11-15

F11-15 Flat POS System

Sinocan will release new 15" flat fanless touch POS F11-15 on the coming global grand expositions: EUROSHOP2011 and CEBIT2011. Compared with existing Sinocan POS series products, Sinocan F11-15 has been upgraded greatly from outer structure to internal configuration, it broke traditional POS design internally and externally, while integrates fashion with function in one sense so users will get better experience.

With high brightness and contrast 15"TFT LCD display and 1024*768@75Hz display resolution, quality steel paint appearance, it is equipped with special touch-screen display stand that can be touched stably. And 3-tracks magnetic stripe reader, VFD customer pole display, 2nd display LCD monitor, cash drawer card with RJ11 interface and wireless LAN mini PCI-E module that supports 802.11b/g/n are optional, these extension performance can meet variable user demands.

Original single core Atom 270 CPU is substituted by dual-core Atom 330 CPU as a result of breakthrough of Sinocan F11-15. So product performance will be improved. Compared with single core CPU, dual-core CPU possesses two process cores, plus parallel division mechanism, operating efficiency will be increased to 110%-150% and users will get better multitask process effect, faster data process effect, safer operating effect and more expansion room, thereby internet optimization and cost-saving is realized. Atom N330 has a frequency as of dual-core 1.6G with 533MHz FSB and internal 1MB L2 shared cache memory and 8W power consumption.

Innovation creates value. Sinocan F11-15 broke traditional appearance design. With compact white, artistic tone and elegant shape, it shows special temperament and you will fall in love her at first sight. With fine workmanship, perfect shape and fashionable case, advanced metal paint handling, it integrates more fashion elements on shiny surface and you will feel extraordinary.

In the high-tech industry, technology and product innovation is crucial for the future development, Sinocan has been always emphasizing on the new product and technology development and has invested a significant amount each year with technology and product innovation. Sinocan has been dedicated in R&D, production, sales and service of industrial standard touch products and intelligent terminals. Experienced several year fast growths, Sinocan has remarkably progressed on such IT products as POS terminal, Panel PC, LCD Touch Monitor, Open Frame Touch Monitor, Interactive Kiosk, Multi-touch Digital Signage etc.