Shoppers seek inspiration to make a difference to the environment

Most British shoppers don’t feel able to make a difference to global warming or the environment through the decisions they make when food and grocery shopping, according to research released by IGD ShopperVista.

  • Only 42% feel empowered to make a difference to the environment (down from 44% in 2007)
  • And just 21% feel able to influence global warming (down from 32% in 2007)

In contrast, eight in ten shoppers (79%) do feel empowered to make their own positive decisions about healthy eating, up from just 59% in 2007.

IGD has published a report on sustainable diets which explores how shoppers are juggling priorities around health and sustainability. The research is part of a drive to help industry provide shoppers with what they need to eat both healthily and in a way that is environmentally friendly.

Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD, said: “While there is still more to be done, most shoppers feel well informed about healthy eating and broadly able to make their own decisions. But they don’t yet feel as able to impact the environment through their food and grocery shopping.

“The consequences of their choices are less clear to people in this area. Although it’s not a simple matter, the industry has an opportunity to inspire shoppers, as a quarter of them would like to be able to make a bigger difference when buying food and groceries.

“While a lot of progress has been made in providing healthy choices and clear information, the job is not finished yet and in particular more is required to help shoppers link up healthy eating and environmental impact. We will continue to work with companies to explore ways to deliver this.”

Source: The Institute of Grocery Distribution