ShopperTrak launches industry’s first hosted real-time reporting tool

ShopperTrak, the leading global provider of insights into shopper behavior and retail analytics, today introduced ShopperTrak Real-Time Reporting, the industry’s first reporting tool to measure traffic and sales information real-time across a network of stores.

Shopper data is refreshed as often as every 15 minutes, enabling retailers to quickly assess performance and immediately take action to adjust sales strategies to increase performance and conversion rates.

With Real-Time Reporting, retailers immediately can benchmark against their performance goals in the categories of shopper traffic, sales, conversion rates and average transaction size (ATS), and make the necessary adjustments to take advantage of opportunities or remedy any shortfalls. This could include optimisinglabour and staff, providing coaching to the sales team on the floor, offering just-in-time promotions and discounts, remerchandising, and shifting product to meet demand.

Field managers and corporate personnel can view the performance of their entire network of stores real-time, allowing them visibility into what’s working well and what’s not at individual stores, and make adjustments at other stores based on that data.

“ShopperTrak Real-Time Reporting enables our customers to benchmark at the same time results are coming in– so, they have greater visibility than ever before and can react quickly to have an immediate, measurable impact on business results,” said ShopperTrak Chief Product Officer ChetanGhai. “Customers can access the performance of their entire network of stores simultaneously, allowing them to apply what’s working well at some stores to others, as well as take actions to avoid replicating single-store shortfalls. This tool optimises the performance of each of their stores every day.”

Real-Time Reporting is developed in responsive design, and therefore viewable in any device, including smart phones, tablets and PCs. The technology will recognise the device and render the data in the best visualisation for that particular device. Retailers will view each of the four metrics (shopper traffic, sales, conversion rates and ATS) against fixed targets set for each day, in graph or table format, in hourly increments with a running total included. Users can customise the graphs and tables to highlight the metrics in which they’re most interested.

And, to see a demo and hear more about ShopperTrak’s Real-Time Reporting, visit booth 3613 at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, Jan. 12-15 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, or visit