Security biggest concern for businesses ahead of Olympics

Security incidents are the biggest concern for business service companies in the build-up to next year's Olympics. A survey of business service companies by Deloitte found that 44 per cent of business owners were concerned about security disruptions during the Games. This eclipsed fears about staff unavailability, transport and lack of resources.
In order to remove these fears, the businesses may want to consider hiring additional on-site security patrols throughout July and August. This would likely result in minimised disruptions and therefore could prove to be a significant investment for any business owners in the capital.
Reacting to the results, Deloitte's lead London 2012 partner Heather Hancock was impressed with businesses who were already taking action against any possible disturbances.
She told "UK businesses are waking up to the fact that if they want to capitalise on any business boost from the Games, as well as minimise disruption to their company, they need to prepare and be ready. "With a little over a year to go, it is encouraging to find so many companies are taking the Games seriously."