STI Group

STI Group stimulates sales in a new way


Bringing a brand to life, encouraging target consumers to touch, learn, interact and bond with it, is at the heart of successful customer marketing. And POS is at its most powerful when it’s a natural extension of the brand.

A stimulating brand experience

To enable POS to be fully integrated with customer marketing activities, STI Group has included Toshiba’s Slim Signage® technology in its latest range of permanent displays. And what better way to show off the next generation of displays than a dynamic brand created by the same design team?

The ‘STImulate’ energy drink brand was first launched by the STI Group as a creative vehicle for the Marketing Week Live Show two years ago, and perfectly supports the drive for a highly stimulating brand experience in store.

Encouraging consumers to interact

With its distinctive shape and graphics, the permanent display instantly shouts energy and refreshment, inviting consumers to reach out for a can. The interactive element is then used to deepen and reinforce the brand experience. Three 4.3” TFT screens per mains-powered Slim Signage® module display everything from videos to promotional pricing – all updated wirelessly.

The prototype display’s video example reveals the secret of the STImulate can. When a consumer scans the can with a smartphone, the STImulate flash uploads, ready to frame self-portraits and share with friends via social networks, capitalising on the viral effect.

Integrating online and offline

Once the campaign is over, new material can be transmitted to the panels, making the display instantly ready for the next promotion without relying on retailer execution. For the retailer, this technology offers added value without added cost, and can increase browsing time in store. Marketing teams gain control, instant compliance and the chance to be more creative than ever in combining online and offline channels.