STI Group

STI Group: EL Sign generates attention

The EL Sign from the STI Group is a groundbreaking new product offering illumination and animation in advertising at the POS.
EL is a thin, lightweight and flexible multilayer foil on a phosphor basis that converts electrical energy into light without producing warmth.
Studies in the USA showed a nearly 90% increase in sell-through for EL sign, compared with +39% for static displays. In addition, store managers have been shown to position 88% of all illuminated and moving displays in primary promotional zones. By contrast, 53% of static displays are placed in less attractive areas of the market.

Printing is available in 4/c in foil sizes ranging from label sized to large-scale posters. The lighting animation can be individually programmed, with a battery or power plug providing the necessary energy.
The mesmerizing effect of the "Hpnotiq" cult drink is perfectly staged by the illuminated, animated poster. The rotating stripes draw the observer into the image and ensure lots of attention at the POS. When the power is switched off, the upper portion of the poster remains white, while the product remains on centre stage.