Star Micronics EMEA Ltd.



At EuroShop 2014, international POS printer manufacturer Star Micronics will be exhibiting an extensive range of mPOS printing solutions. Star has a number of dynamic market changing partners including iZettle, AirPOS, PayPal and Revel Systems by Bluebird, who have integrated Star innovative printing solutions and who will be demonstrating the features and benefits for their businesses on the stand at EuroShop 2014.

Star is at the forefront of new mPOS and web-based POS hardware development with the largest range of printing solutions offering simple integration with all major operating systems. With dedicated MFi (Made for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch®)  Apple™, Android™ and Windows™ Bluetooth mobile printers and TSP654IIBI Bluetooth desktop printer as well as specialised SDKs to allow simple set-up with all major platforms including Apple iOS™, Android™, Windows™ and Linux, Star offers a wide range of options.

As retail technology becomes increasingly mobile, iZettle’s Chip & PIN reader stands out as one of the first mobile payment systems to accept all major cards. This solution is perfect for small and growing businesses as well as larger retailers who want to add the flexibility of mobile POS solutions to their POS infrastructure.  Anyone who is currently using an iZettle Chip & PIN device can use a compatible SM-S220i mobile printer from Star, while for customers wanting a compatible desktop solution the TSP654IIBI Bluetooth printer communicates with a tablet without the need for a router and offers full cash drawer support for customers who prefer to pay in cash.  Alternatively, any Star LAN desktop printer with Star WiFi Power Pack provides an effective printing solution.


For hospitality, Belgium-based POSiOS is a successful European software company offering a complete cloud-based solution featuring restaurant layout and table ordering to payment processing, reporting and analysis. POSiOS software offers a sophisticated solution for independent restaurants and takeaway outlets to chains and multi-site restaurants alike. The company will be demonstrating its software with the Star TSP143 LAN and TSP654IIBI Bluetooth receipt printer.

With connectivity key in today’s tablet world, Star’s WebPRNT™ offers a low cost hardware or software networking solution that effectively removes the issues usually associated with web-based printing to provide driverless printing capabilities for all receipt data, utilising HTML and JavaScript standards to provide consistent browser printing. Star WebPRNT supports all standard receipt requirements including logos, barcodes etc and is available as a low cost plug-in interface or tablet bridge software that provides the ability to print to either Ethernet, USB, WiFi or Bluetooth printers from a web based app.  In addition, this solution offers a number of receipt design marketing tools alongside a full range of printer functions including cutter control, cash drawer support and device status. 


Star WebPRNT will be demonstrated by BillSys GmbH which has developed an innovative POS system for retail and hospitality. This unique intuitive system does not require software to be installed or updated.  Instead, the user just opens the web browser on the device of their choice, then immediately the point-of-sale system is ready to use. Billsys POS software works on any web-enabled device and allows any number of cash desks to be managed from any location.


From hardware and software solutions to a range of accessories including a unique WiFi Power Pack for low cost WiFi printing directly from tablets, PCs or any mobile device directly to a Star LAN printer and DK-Aircash mobile cash drawer accessory, Star provides reliable, low cost printing solutions for today’s cloud and tablet-based POS systems. 


Building on its range of POS peripherals, Star will be exhibiting a number of superwhite cash drawers that are sized to meet all requirements, including a small model for the mPOS market and internal space allocation for Star’s DK-AirCash peripheral designed to make any RJ11 traditional cash drawer wireless.



Star will also be demonstrating a concept product, the new Dynamic Exciter, a motion activated wireless audio player that can transform almost anything into a speaker. By simply attaching to media of choice and playing your message, this provides an ideal promotional tool. 


Providing remote access of POS peripherals based on the physical proximity of the tablet or smartphone device being used, Star’s new ProxiPRNT™ enables the salesperson to automatically select and print to a nearby printer as well as ensure that a cash drawer can only be opened wirelessly if the salesperson is standing next to it.  Based on BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology, Star’s ProxiPRNT works with both iOS and Android devices and provides a low cost, flexible solution that is easy to integrate and implement for any mobile POS application.


As Simon Martin, Director & General Manager, Star Micronics EMEA, states, “Star prides itself on its ">  The range of customers demonstrating Star’s solutions on our stand at EuroShop 2014 illustrates the successful adoption of our mPOS solutions in a variety of retail and hospitality environments.  With an ever growing range of low cost yet innovative hardware and software printing solutions Star will continue to drive and shape today’s rapidly evolving mPOS marketplace.”