Star Micronics EMEA Ltd.



At EuroShop 2014 (16 - 20 February, Messe Düsseldorf, Germany), international POS printer manufacturer Star Micronics will be exhibiting an ‘All-in-One’ 38cm high POS communication system with integrated printer which will be demonstrated by its innovative partners who have developed applications for a range of different environments.


Star is constantly developing new and unique products for the POS market and its latest development has taken a completely new the AsuraCPRNT, an ‘All-in-One’ 38cm high compact kiosk with an integrated printer. This versatile solution can integrate seamlessly into any environment or mobile infrastructure as a stand-alone terminal, server or Thin Client solution whether at store entry, point-of-sale or shelf edge to run product advertising, retail merchandising and point-of-sale promotions.


Its success to date is reflected in the range of environments and applications in which it is being deployed, from queue management in retail and government environments to supermarkets in Russia. Much more than a standard kiosk, this innovative solution offers a unique way to engage customers, simplify and personalise the purchase experience and ultimately maximise sales offering a wealth of applications from queue management solutions to in-store browsing and endless aisle reservation systems, loyalty and coupon redemption and ticket validation. In fact, the range of applications is limitless offering developers a unique hardware platform to build custom apps and create a complete value-added solution.




To date, a number of apps have been developed for the AsuraCPRNT including a loyalty app from Synqera and Innova using ‘Big Data’ analysis, a queue management system by Qminder and Bizerba and a coupon redemption app by Prinovis, all of which will be demonstrated on the Star stand. 


To facilitate app development Star has developed a secure web browser. Star’s focus has always been to simplify installation and development and the new Star AsuraBrowser will facilitate app development. Web designers can create apps along the lines of their own website and, with additional tools available, all designers will be able to tailor their apps specifically to the AsuraCPRNT.    


The AsuraCPRNT can control digital signage solutions to run product-related videos and promotions on a series of Ethernet enabled plasmas, while at the same time providing an intelligent communication tool to enhance the customer in-store experience and even provide the customer with coupons that are linked to the video on display.  Optimised to support the connection of external USB peripherals from biometric scanners to 3G/4G dongles, the AsuraCPRNT has been developed specifically for low cost integration on Linux or Android operating platforms with effective and professionally supported SDKs for both available. Windows based developers can take advantage of the AsuraCPRNT’s Thin Client capability.


At its heart is the powerful Cortex processor that manages the 7” touch screen and 80mm intelligent receipt, ticket and coupon printer housed within. Featuring an internal speaker and with the scalability of external audio in and out ports, the AsuraCPRNT is available with optional integrated MSR, Barcode or combined MSR/barcode readers. NFC options can also be accommodated as connectivity with the mobile world is considered key given the need to drive applications and web content to other digital devices such as store kiosks, merchant tablets and customers’ smart phones as BYOD campaigns become more popular.


As Simon Martin, Director & General Manager, Star Micronics EMEA, states, “Star prides itself on its ">  The new AsuraCPRNT demonstrates Star’s expertise in this field. The versatility of this interactive platform and the wealth of applications possible will ensure its presence in an ever broader range and variety of environments.”