Arneg S.p.A.


Once again, the Arneg Group — a leading name in the design, production and installation of equipment for the retail sector — takes the field with a strong message announcing an important step forward in the development of innovative synergies and partnerships of excellence.

is the most important trade exhibition dedicated to the world of retail at global level. With 120,000 m2 of floor space at its disposal, today the show welcomes 2,500 exhibitors from 60 countries and a huge number of visitors, offering a rich mix of meetings, seminars and workshops through which to present all the facets of an endlessly evolving sector.

Euroshop affords a particularly stimulating arena for the ARNEG GROUP. With production sites and branches established in 25 countries, Arneg enjoys a high profile on the world market precisely by virtue of maximizing synergies between companies of the group and fostering a constant flow of ideas and information vital for its growth, and for market success. Sharing to grow and growing to share. This is the spirit in which ARNEG WORLD takes on global challenges — a spirit of intelligent growth.

A regular at EUROSHOP since the 1970s, the ARNEG GROUP brings something new to every edition, always varying the message, but keeping faith with a multi-disciplinary approach (technological, philosophical, architectural, ethical and environmental). For EUROSHOP 2017, ARNEG GROUP plays on multiple levels, joining pathways, bringing together people, products and technologies, utilizing the interaction of different communication tools to tell inspirational stories of networking, goal-sharing and collective intelligence.

The ARNEG GROUP will be exhibiting from a stand with numerous top level features, which this year occupies a space of almost 3,000 m2. The new ARNEG GROUP stand is created as a SHARED SPACE, accessible in all directions and from all angles, wired throughout. A space organized as three interconnected areas — TECHNOLOGY, MERCHANDISE, TASTING — offering an experience of the extraordinarily complex and no less fascinating world of relations that underlies each product, each solution and each successive step in the growth of the ARNEG GROUP.

In this new digital and internet age, the ARNEG GROUP engages the world of retailers as a one-stop partner offering innovative and sustainable solutions and proposals, designed to assist customers in achieving the aim of “zero emissions”. The approach to products is interactive, dynamic and shared, thanks to the adoption of LED WALLS, INFOGRAPHICS and INTERACTIVE POINTS allowing users to discover a multitude of factors having a part to play behind each product.

In the spirit of sharing, besides updating the numerous social channels on which it is constantly active, the ARNEG GROUP has now also set up a TOTALLY RESPONSIVE WEB PORTAL dedicated entirely to the exhibition — — where users will be able to find all the most interesting information on the Arneg stand. News, events, organization, guide to the products on show, hospitality management and much more... all easily consulted by guests in their own personal area, thanks to a technology that makes life simple, and at the same time brings the gratification of being totally involved.