Macambira & Araújo P.M.P Lda. Concept Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags - the sustainable alternative to single use plastic bags!

Plastic is everywhere! This is the most common material used by Men! We can see it either in little and ordinary daily objects, as in the most advanced and modern devices. Undoubtedly, it assumes a relevant and useful status.
However, the negative effect of its use, also acquires a huge dimension. Nowadays, one of the main problems arising from the use of this material lies in the uncontrolled plastic bags discharge.
Annually, between 500 billion and 1 trillion of plastic bags are consumed all over the world. That means that one million bags per minute and about 1.5 billion bags per day are consumed.
The main suppliers of these problematic plastic bags are the distribution chains and the commercial surfaces.
Nevertheless, there are alternatives to common plastic bags!
Concept Bags presents to you one solution, moreover, the most ecological and economic solution against plastic bags – reusable bags! Made by resistant material, these bags distinguish themselves for their comfort and diverse use.
All around the world, gradually, several distribution chains have adopted the eco-friendly bags.
A small gesture that will contribute to the sustainable future of our future generations!