Macambira & Araújo P.M.P Lda. Concept Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags - a walking outdoor!

We all know that communication management is essential to all brands in their consumer approach strategy, but we also know that the diverse communication supports have high costs, not bearable for all companies.
Nowadays, it’s important be different and innovate, in order to capture our costumers attention.
The consumers mind is full of commercial information that reaches them in a very intense way, at a high velocity and in huge quantities. Thus, they are no longer impressed with a standardized system of communications and advertising. It is necessary to modernize, bounding with consumers and making them the real “brand ambassadors”.
And how to get that with reduced budget?
Concept bag allows you to transform your advertising campaign into a walking outdoor that reaches everyone at any time.

Have you ever thought about the possibility of having your brand in your “consumer hands” or in the opportunity of placing your brand everywhere? And even more, without sharing space with the competition!
Now you can have your own space and create an object that will be the bond between you and your costumer.