Retail expert turns industry focus on fitting rooms

New conversations about customer engagement via the fitting room

"Fit Happens: Analog Buying in a Digital World" is Marge Laney's first book.


Fitting room expert and author Marge Laney is prompting new conversations about customer engagement via the fitting room following the release of her book "Fit Happens; Analog Buying in a Digital World".

Laney and her findings about retail fitting rooms are being featured in a number of interviews and articles, including ABC's Good Morning America, STORES Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Retail Customer Experience and others.

"These are exactly the conversations I set out to begin when I wrote my book," said Laney. "No one has ever tackled the importance of customer engagement in fitting rooms, and how improved design and service can impact a company's bottom line."

As CEO of Alert Tech, a company that designs technology to aid retailers in managing the fitting room process, Laney is seeing growing interest in analytics that help drive sales where most buying decisions are made – in the fitting room. "Technology is providing retailers with real-time information about what's happening in their fitting rooms so associates can take the proper action, and make the sale," said Laney.

Effective fitting room engagement with customers, along with better design, Laney believes, is a prime opportunity for building brand loyalty. In Fit Happens, she cites recent studies that underscore the importance of redefining the value of fitting rooms:

  • Door knocking as a sales strategy is only 2% effective

  • 70% of customers prefer shopping in store to try on clothing for fit and feel

  • 'Serviced' fitting room customers buy three times what browsers buy

During Laney's interview for Good Morning America, she provided information about fitting room design and how it impacts customers. "Lighting and the right mirrors can make a huge difference in the customer experience," explained Laney. "Better quality mirrors that are backlit, rather than fluorescent top-down lighting, can give customers a happier experience. People will buy clothes that make them look good." In fact, in the GMA report, Laney said a fitting room for American Eagle Outfitters, one of Alert Tech's clients, received the highest review.

In addition to American Eagle Outfitters, Laney works with some of the world's largest names in retail, including Calvin Klein, H & M, and Express. Her book, Fit Happens; Analog Buying in a Digital World, is now in its second printing and is available on Amazon.

Source: Marge Laney