Resopal GmbH

Resopal premièred at Euroshop


For the first time, Resopal GmbH from Gross-Umstadt/Germany is attending a trade fair where the focus is on shop design. Yet the traditional manufacturer of laminates is by no means a newcomer here. On the contrary: the products' continuously enhanced potential and the associated expectations entertained by many longstanding customers have directed the company to Euroshop, which opens in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 February 2014.  

With its latest collection "Perspektiven >2018", Resopal takes up the various challenges in shop design at Euroshop: from individualized designs through the flexible use of materials to customized solutions for specialist retailers and the food trade. The collection encompasses all designs, surface finishes and products available until 2018. These include laminates, composite elements, minerals and compact materials which are ideal for shop concepts on account of their respective specific properties.

In addition to the laminate classics, different versions of this robust material also attract attention at Euroshop. "Recurv3D" is very much more flexible that HPL or CPL and therefore ideal for three-dimensional design concepts. The translucent "Resopal Lucent" creates highlights when combined with backlighting. One new product featured at Euroshop combines the aestheticism of aluminium with the properties of a laminate. In addition, Resopal is for the first time also presenting a surface finish that is totally immune to fingerprints.

Exhibition booth as showcase

With Resopal, the "EuroConcept" area at Euroshop attracted a company that had already won the ADAM Award in Gold for outstanding brand and exhibition appearances back in 2009. Booth E03 in Hall 10 was once again designed and built in-house. It spans the full range from exhibition construction to conceptual shop design. Interior design solutions are created by the interaction between floor, walls, ceiling and furniture, allowing materials and designs to merge into holistic yet flexible room concepts which can also be individualized.

The honeycomb is the main thematic and formal motif dominating the booth. Its symbolic force is revealed by association with the natural original created by honey bees and becomes a living expression of the company's philosophy. At Resopal, it stands for working together, for effective value-adding activities and for the appreciation of nature. In formal terms, the honeycomb is everything that makes an ideal room for presentation and also characterizes the Resopal material: individuality, flexibility, robustness and durability when needed.