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Reliable Solid State Full High Definition Digital Signage Media Player from Sun Group

Media Player, 1080P Full HD Media Player

Reliable Solid State Full-HD SUN-SG1080p Full High Definition Digital Signage Media Player

This compact device turns any size LCD TFT, LCD TV, LED TV, DLP projector and Plasma TV into a Digital Signage Advertising Display capable of playing Full High Definition 1080p pictures and videos. The SUN-SG1080P Digital Signage Media Player is an industrial-grade yet easy-to-use digital signage playback system.
Many digital signage systems deployed in the field today are based on low-cost consumer DVD players unsuitable for commercial applications. Unlike the fragile mechanical playback mechanism employed by DVD players, the SUN-SG1080P is a 100% solid-state digital signage playback system utilizing long-MTBF storage technology and specifically designed for professional use.
The SUN-SG1080P features leading video decoding hardware technology capable of withstanding 24x7x365 operation cycle with almost no maintenance effort. Dedicated digital signage technology eliminates the risks of virus infection and operating system crash commonly found in PC-based solutions. Compared to a PC that typically consumes 100 watts, SUN GROUP Is dedicated technology cuts power consumption by over 90%, lowering your operation cost while conserving the environment. Dedicated technology yields the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) among the industry.