Reduced costs, integration efforts are benefits of ARTS’ technology standards

A new survey from the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) and NCR Corporation (NYSE : NCR) finds ARTS’ technology standards offer retailers cost-saving opportunities and substantial benefits in time management. ARTS standards, products and programs are dedicated to fostering innovation and increasing retailer efficiency.
For instance, 67% of retailers in the survey report that using ARTS’ standards resulted in reduced integration efforts. Another 57% report ARTS’ standards helped with learning and the implementation of best practices and, 56% reported that the standards reduced integration costs.

In terms of reducing integration costs, 70% of the survey respondents said they witnessed a cost-savings of 20% or more when compared to their use of other organizations’ standards. Two in 10 (22%) said they saw more than 40% in cost-savings.
ARTS’ request for proposal (RFP) templates and educational white papers are also highly valued by the retail community. Nine in 10 ARTS members surveyed (90%) rated ARTS RFP templates and white papers as good, excellent or outstanding.
The survey also found retailers who are familiar with and who use ARTS products agree that ARTS meets or exceeds their expectations. Specifically, 88% of retailers surveyed report that ARTS far exceeded, exceeded or met expectations.
“ARTS was founded with the goal of reducing technology costs for retailers by easing the integration of disparate systems with standards data models and xml schemas,” said ARTS Executive Director Richard Mader. “The survey results quantify that we have come a long way in satisfying not only our original goal, but are providing value to the retail business through our request for proposals, whitepapers and UnifiedPOS. Equal to the praise we appreciate the enhancement suggestions that will propel ARTS to even great benefit to retail industry.”

“NCR has long been a supporter of ARTS as we believe integration standards benefit the entire retail industry,” Scott Kingfield, vice president of NCR’s retail division. “We were pleased to partner with NRF in conducting this survey and helping to quantify the value retailers are finding with ARTS.”
The survey was conducted by TechValidate, a leading on-line survey provider.

For more information about the survey or to see the full survey results, please visit the TechValidate survey findings page by clicking here.