RUCO Licht GmbH

RUCOled fist edition - The RUCO LED catalogue

The rapid development of LED technology demands facts and transparency.
Our task is to inform customers of the current status of the
technology and provide them with relevant data.
We do not want to produce LED luminaires with the technology
available at the moment, but to work on forward-looking innovations,
in order to achieve the best possible efficiency and sustainability
of our products, and therefore the greatest benefits for the
This is our claim in the planning and development of the RUCOLED®
Measurable information on light distribution, light yield and energy
efficiency are just as important as the optimisation of the energy
consumption in relation to the light intensity achieved.
In the selection of the components used, we rely exclusively on wellknown
suppliers in order to ensure the long-term compatibility of our
We believe in quality instead of quantity. Our customers should
continue to receive what they are used to from us:
Design and functionality in all areas - Made in Germany