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RFID source tagging for Wolky footwear

Wolky footwear brand commences RFID source tagging with Nedap

The Dutch footwear brand Wolky has decided to attach RFID* labels during the production of its shoes. The Wolky barcode label on the box will be replaced by a Wolky barcode label with integrated Nedap RFID label. The new labels will be introduced in a part of the range, but the aim is to apply RFID labels to all items from the Wolky winter collection 2014 onwards.

Rapid inventory taking & corrections
The RFID labels can be scanned in large numbers in a short period of time with the Nedap RFID scanner in the logistics chain and in the store. As a result, any deviations between the items sent and the items received, as well as any differences between actual stock levels and the administrative stock levels will be determined immediately and corrected. This will lead to less 'no' sales, lower inventory costs, reduced losses, in addition to increased turnover and improved margins.

The first Wolky reseller has already integrated RFID successfully, by applying the RFID labels in store. In order to speed up the processes in the store, the Wolky brand received a request from this retailer to attach special RFID labels at the production stage. As it is expected that other resellers will also wish to apply RFID technology, Wolky has agreed to a phased introduction of a standard Wolky RFID label. Each Wolky reseller will be able to enjoy the benefits of RFID immediately, and at the same time, Wolky be able to use the RFID labels as a means of achieving efficiency benefits within its logistics chain.

Increased supply reliability & customer satisfaction
"We are continually on the lookout for new opportunities to increase supply reliability and to enable our resellers to be in a position to provide an improved service to their customers. For this
reason and following a request from one of our biggest customers to apply RFID labels during production, we have agreed to the phased application of RFID labels in order to set new standards
in the footwear industry", said Anthony Diks, CEO of Wolky BV International.

Rob Schuurman, Managing Director of Nedap Retail commented, "We are delighted that as an upand-coming footwear brand, Wolky BV International has decided to apply Nedap RFID labels during
production and to use the Nedap RFID solution to enable rapid inventory taking. Brands often find it difficult to predict the benefits that RFID can deliver, but even more retailers are now applying RFID and are asking their suppliers to deliver products that have already been supplied with an RFID label. That is why more and more brands are interested in applying RFID labels to products as
standard and at the same time, are also benefiting from the significant benefits that can be achieved in terms of efficiency. Wolky is a clear frontrunner and will certainly set a standard that
many other suppliers will follow."

*RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that makes it possible to store and scan information from RFID labels without the need for physical contact or line of sight. This is done by using a hand scanner that is capable of scanning at a rate of more than 40,000 labels per hour. In 2014, more than 2 billion RFID labels are expected to be used around the world in the retail sector.