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RFID News by höltl Retail Solutions

höltl helps SMEs reap the benefits of RFID!

RFID, the technology that enables wireless identification of merchandise, is no longer just a theory – increasing numbers of manufacturers are fitting their goods with an RFID chip and a unique Electronic Product Code (EPC) at the production stage, enabling each item to be identified individually. Hence, as market-leading specialist in IT solutions for retail, höltl Retail Solutions has now added all RFID-supported processes to its Merchandise Information System – so that even small and medium-sized retailers are able to enjoy the benefits of RFID technology from now on. RFID optimises the entire flow of goods, from production right through to point of sale.

The benefits:

Reduces inventory management costs by up to 85%.

Enables easy and quick identification of discrepancies between actual deliveries and data on the electronic delivery note.

Reduces inventory differences by up to a third.

Individual items can be precisely located at any time.

RFID enables regular stock-taking with virtually no manual effort.

Improves availability of merchandise and reduces out-of-stock situations.

Fewer supply gaps and less need for buffers and safety stock, thus freeing up capital.

More effective use of retail floor space thanks to access to extensive up-to-date and detailed data.

- 60 per cent of RFID usage takes place in retail.

- höltl enables SMEs to benefit from this technology too.

- Integrated loss protection boosts your bottom line even further.

RFID: The figures speak for themselves

Based on experience so far, the impressive effects of introducing RFID can be expressed in figures, as follows:

• Time spent on incoming
goods: - 85%
• Time spent on stock-
taking: - 75%
• Inventory accuracy: better
than 98%
• Turnover: + 2%
• Customer satisfaction: + 20%
• All pilot RFID projects so far have demonstrated a return on investment within 2.5 years.

Loss prevention included

The RFID chip, each with its unique Electronic Product Code (EPC) enabling seamless automatic data capture at individual item level, can simultaneously serve as an anti-theft device, resulting in another significant benefit: there is no need to attach additional security tags in store! The device is deactivated at the checkout as usual. Combining RFID and Electronic Article Security (EAS) applications in this way enables you, relatively effortlessly, to gain valuable insights into which and how many items are subject to theft, and you can introduce swift countermeasures as necessary.

Optimum use of retail floor space

RFID considerably improves the return on the available sales area, by providing you and your supply partners with all the necessary management data to ensure that your collaboration runs smoothly. Thanks to RFID, there is a continual flow of relevant, up-to-date information.

When using RFID to collaborate on floor management, you and your industry partners can rely on each of your systems showing accurate inventory details. Hence, you always know how much physical stock you actually have available on the premises at any time, when the goods are on the sales floor, whether the merchandise is being presented in a regular display area or a promotional display area, and the exact location of the products in the store.