RF-iT Solutions GmbH

RFID ME Gen2 Internet™

International RFID technology leaders MTI, RF-iT Solutions, NXP Semiconductors, austriamicrosystems and Avery Dennison partner in promotion of EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for Small Office/Home Office, consumer and everyday personal use and to further advance the Internet of Things with RFID ME Gen2 Internet™.
RFID ME™ instantly converts any USB host computer or device into an EPC Gen2 Reader. RFID ME™ is everything you need to deploy RFID in your home for your personal and everyday use.
RFID ME™ is easy to install and use, simple user interface provides powerful and flexible access to the internet of EPC tagged objects. Kit comes with Avery Dennison EPC tags and GUI support for NXP’s G2iL+ UCODE chip for Internet of Things applications.
RFID ME™, a software application with custom plug and play USB hardware device, seamlessly ties the world of EPC Gen2 RFID tagged objects automatically and instantly to the Internet. RFID ME™ features include:
 WebSearch Google™ search result of EPC Tag object. Simply present an EPC Tag to the RFID ME™ hardware and the Google™ search result page is displayed providing you with the most relevant information available on the internet for the EPC tagged object.
 WebKey Simply define any Google™ Keyword and easily associate it with an EPC Tag object. Once the associated EPC Tag is presented to the RFID ME™ hardware the Google™ search result page of your Keyword is automatically displayed.
 WebLink Automatically link an EPC tag object to any user defined specific website, such as the GTIN Company Prefix Name website. With WebLink, you customize which website you want to link to when the RFID ME™ hardware reads the associated EPC Tag object. Once EPC tag object is read the desired website is displayed.
 WebDirect Direct routing of EPC tag objects to any specific webpage tailored to the tag object. For example, WebDirect allows brand owners the ability to provide information, focused advertising and promotion about their specific products directly to a webpage customized for each product type instead of the brand owners main website.
RFID ME™ Kit contents include CD-ROM with RF-iT Solutions software and documentation, MTI’s USB Reader Dongle hardware device based on austriamicrosystems AS3992 RFID solution, and sample
quantities of Avery Dennison EPC Gen2 pressure sensitive opaque inlays. MTI’s USB Reader GUI supports NXP G2iL+ UCODE unique features essential for developing and deploying Internet of Things applications and provides an easy way for home users to read and write their own RFID tags.