RF-iT Solutions GmbH

RF-iT Solutions GmbH starts the year 2011 with a new software release of detego® SUITE 3.0

RF-iT Solutions GmbH has launched the new release of detego® SUITE 3.0 with a catalogue of RFID solution modules that can be used very efficiently and flexibly. Throughout the development process of this improved product concept, co-founder Matthias Weitlaner and his team ensured the product was easy to integrate and highly scalable for larger projects. Each module consists of recommended RFID hardware and an optimized, proven software package. These modules can be preconfigured for customer specific requirements and distributed to an unrestricted number of international business locations by local system integrators.
„Our goal is to increase our leading market position in the fashion vertical, but also to expand our RFID product portfolio to other verticals. With the new module concept we are now well prepared to deliver major market requirements”, Alexander Gauby explained. In parallel RF-iT Solutions GmbH will continue to expand their high quality international partnership and cooperation program during 2011. The detego® SUITE module concept allows software companies, system integrators and consulting companies to rapidly enhance their product portfolio with RFID solutions. These RFID solutions, in turn, translate into a fast, proven return on investment for end customers.