InVue B.V.

Protect Any Watch the First Day it Arrives in Store

The growing wearables market can be a challenge for retailers. Each smartwatch has a different charging method and if a wearable isn't powered, the customer is not likely to purchase it. Every time a retailer wants to feature a new wearable, they have to re-merchandise their display. This becomes even more complicated when retailers have to find new security solutions as well.InVue’s newest wearable solution solves all of these challenges and more! The W1000 protects any watch or fitness band the moment the retailer receives the inventory. An discreetly integrated power supply allows the device to remain fully charged at all times. The W1000 encourages customers to fully experience all the features of the wearable – all without the need of a sales associate.

To learn more visit the W1000 product page.