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HOMAPAL – this name stands for special surfaces “Made in Germany”, simply, more than just a laminate.

HOMAPAL one of the leading manufacturers of special laminates (HPL) again introduced in 2013 a large number of new décors in its well-known collections, Metal, Holz and Magnetic Boards. The product portfolio has been extended by the ARTI-PELAM collection, laminates with artificial leather surfaces in various design-oriented embossments and trend colours.

HOMAPAL® laminates are used in serial, kitchen and office furniture production as well as in public settings – hotels and bars, cruise ships and clubs, restaurants and shop fitting – everywhere where the objective is to create a distinctive atmosphere. The special surfaces set slick accents, underline moods and leave room for individual staging in boutiques right up to warehouses. Notable companies such as, for example, Nobia, Mobalpa, Armani, Longchamp, Dior and Hugo Boss, but also Karstadt, S.Oliver, H&M and Zara already rely on the diverse and multiple décor opportunities provided by the HOMAPAL® collections.


In autumn last year a new metal played a starring role in the watch and jewellery industry – Roségold in its typical Copper Red colouration.

Beginning of this year the trend for the colours Roségold and Copper Red also influenced and entered the areas of architecture and living. In 2014 HOMAPAL extracted 10 different décors out of the existing Metal collection and created a so-called ON STAGE 2014 collection having this appearance and consisting of aluminium surfaces which are colour lacquered and embossed and real copper surfaces.

A real eyecatcher in this ON STAGE 2014 collection is the new décor 477/636 Polished Aluminium LAVA Coppertone. Melted, erupted, flowing and frozen with the character of boiling metal. The living, amorphous texture is transferred to the anodised aluminium surface through a special embossing process.

LAVA sets visual accents in room and property design and achieves an incomparable atmosphere in combination with light.


Polished Aluminium

LAVA Coppertone


The path from the market launch to the final application of the product is a long one. However, the last few months already clearly showed that the new product development of the HOMAPAL® Arti-Pelam collection closed a gap. Some of the new décors have already been installed in different objects and could also already win a number of design and innovation awards.

In this context one décor of the HOMAPAL® Arti-Pelam collection which has only been launched in 2013 has to be highlighted:

5080/03 Arti-Pelam Lounge Cream

This product has been awarded by the German Design Council in January 2014 on the occasion of the imm Cologne with the interior innovation award – Winner 2014.

Already in October 2013 the complete collection HOMAPAL® Arti-Pelam convinced a jury of experts of Material ConneXion and has been awarded with the „CERTIFICATE FOR EXCELLENCE IN MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT“.

HOMAPAL® Arti-Pelam are laminates with artificial leather surfaces which have already been pressed onto an HPL core using durable embossing and can be processed and treated with all standard tools. For the first time, this material is available in boards in the sizes 2440 x 1220 mm and 3050 x 1220 mm and can be reproduced arbitrarily. The colour range, which is in tune with the current market trends, extends from steel blue through to light beige. Special highlights are the Elephant Skin, Squares and Lounge textures which are offering numerous new possibilities in interior decoration.

In addition this material offers a better durability and a low grade of maintenance compared with real leather. The surfaces are showing a higher UV resistance (light fastness) than comparable real leather surfaces. In the meantime it has also been confirmed by an official laboratory that the laminates are free of formaldehyde in accordance with DIN EN 717-1.

Your contact with HOMAPAL for additional information:

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